Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to Business

WHOA its been a while...I'm sorry to say I've neglected this blog so much, considering all the new exciting things that have been happening for the shop.  My new year's resolution is to blog more! It shouldn't be THAT hard...we'll see.

Some great things have been happening with Decay & Renewal!

>>>  First off, last week I had my first wholesale request! From Australia!
I had to then take a quick crash course on wholesaling 101, but thankfully there's an abundance of information on the web, so I was able to come up with some basic wholesale policies and accept the offer!

I'm pleased to announce that soon some of my products will be available at an Australian gallery/gift shop called Can't Think Straight.  It focuses on LGBTQ & earth friendly products.  I'll post a link and some photos when it becomes available in the shop!

>>>  Secondly, I took advantage of winter break and organized my entire studio!  I can't explain to you what a relief it is to have everything in its place.  Since I just started to buy supplies in bulk, I needed to make space. I've even set up a little packing station.  Now that that's sorted, its time to get more jewelry made!

I also inherited that nifty work desk with drawers from my mother, so I gave each drawer a purpose! Now I have a drawer nicely organized with cute packaging supplies.

>>> AND the third, most exciting announcement is that this semester, in addition to my second printmaking class, I'll be taking a jewelry metalsmithing course in St. Petersburg!!! 

I have my mother and sister to thank for paying for the course, and I couldn't be more excited. I've got a sketchbook full of jewelry designs and being able to work with metals will produce so many new possibilities.  I start this Tuesday, so I'll begin posting updates on how the class is going.  

I'll be posting at least once daily from now on, so stay tuned!

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