Monday, January 9, 2012

Ikea Times.

Yesterday we went to Ikea just for fun. I ended up getting a few things to organize a bit.

I got that little white shelf thing. I thought it was cute and it doubles my desk space somewhat, AND its stackable so I can get more later to make a little shelf tower thingy...ok, it wasn't  really a necessity, but I like it. 

This set of little tins! Also, more for cuteness than functionality, but I have plenty of little parts that could be organized with this. 

Ok, I'm still not very organized with or without tins and shelves...Let's change the subject. 

I found this piece a while ago at a thrift store COVERED in this horrendous, atrocious blue paint. I mean it was so bad you'd never think this pretty brass leaf was underneath it. Originally it was a pair of ugly earrings, but I'm reincarnating it into something pretty, minus the ugly, glossy blueness. 

Also, the quartz tips I ordered came in the mail last week! I've been playing around with what I can do with them. 


Anywho, I'm excited as can be because my metalsmithing class starts TOMORROW NIGHT! Its right after printmaking II, and its half an hour from my campus, but I think it'll be totally worth it.  Hopefully soon you'll be seeing some new metal work in the shop soon! 

 OH! And I'm only waiting on two more shipments to arrive and then the new D&R packaging will be set into motion. Wooo!

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